Conversation topic

You contact your interlocutors, you play a role as ambassador to present your country, it is often a topic of conversation. so you need to prepare information about your country; The food, drink, landscape, climat….
This page helps you to find the conversation topic, to discuss with your foreigns friends.

Introduce your country’s distinctive food, For example, the Chinese, Beijing roast duck, pizza for the Italien, caviar for the Russian….

Beijing roast duck

Introduce your country’s distinctive drinks, such as the wines in France, the teas in India…

french wine

Sports activities, football, basketball, baseball… you exchange the star that you prefer.

langue espagnole

Introduce the beautiful landscape in your country.

exchange german language

Your country has folk songs, nice special music, tell to your interlocutor.

learn German

The pet is our companion, many people love it, it is a good conversation topic.

learn Russian

Tell your anecdote about your life that you have met.

exhange langues online